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Simple Budget

Super Simple Budget When you’re thinking of a budget think of what comes in and what goes out, put another way, how your cash flows as a function of time. Your ability to control how that cash flows out and into your accounts determines the overall look of your budget. When Financial Hope is planning your …

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Assets put money in your pocket


Assets How to Think About Assets in Financial Hope When you think of an asset, just as Robert kiyosaki once said, you should think of something that puts money in your pocket. Similarly in Financial Hope, an asset is going to be linked to your income. This asset could be a job a rental property …

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connected accounts

Connected Accounts

Connected Accounts How to Think About Connected Accounts in Financial Hope At Financial Hope we connect to provider accounts through a system called Yodlee. This system allows us to connect to over 16,000 different accounts from bank accounts investment accounts credit cards or debt accounts securely and in such a way that we never know …

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Debt Mountain


Debt How to Think About Debt in Financial Hope When thinking of debts and liabilities inside of Financial Hope we are talking about accounts that are associated with sums of money you owe someone else. This is different than an expense in that there is a principle amount that is owed by you as the …

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how to think about income


How to Think About Income in Financial Hope Simply put income is money that comes into your account on a reoccurring basis with regular amounts. Financial Hope identifies this by detecting transactions with specific transaction categories that increase the sum total of your account balance. How the App Sees Your Next Payday Once we have …

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framing recurring expenses

Recurring Expenses

Recurring Expenses How to Think About Recurring Expenses in Financial Hope When you’re thinking about a reoccurring expense think of your rent your water bill your electric bill and so on. Anything that comes out of your account on a recurring basis to the same vendor is a reoccurring expense in Financial Hope. These kinds …

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category expenses

Category Expenses

How to Think About Category Expenses in Financial Hope When you’re thinking of a category expense think of groceries think of your personal items or home expenses. These are expenses that happen regularly but they’re not coming from the same place every time. You don’t always get gas at the same gas station or dine …

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