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The best budgeting features

We know how stressful and time consuming budgeting and managing your finances can be. Our features make budgeting and understanding finances easy.

Top Budgeting Software Features

Financial Hope's budgeting software offers unique features to help you plan, track and share your budget. With what-if scenario planning, forecasting, financial education and more, this budgeting software has everything to help you fully understand your finances.

Scenario Planning

The power of What if? See your future by proposing changes and see the results!

Available to Spend

Knowing your inputs and outputs, we know what you can spend - not just your balance.

Cash Flow

One location to view your finances, income, expenses, debts and more.


Future look feature for up to 12 months with linked accounts, tracking your future.

Financial Education

Learn ways to increase savings, reduce debt, and improve your finances.

Simple Budgeting

Quickly create budgets, view your spending and plan your next steps.​


Quickly see how much money you have available to spend.

Our Available to Spend report shows you how much money you have available to spend until your next pay day. The report automatically compares how much money you have available while taking the bills/payments that you owe before your next payday into consideration, giving you a clear sense of your current cash situation.


Easily forecast your personal finances.

Peek into the future with our forecasting reports. We use your financial goals, your income, your bills/debt, and spending activity to help you see where you will be in 3 – 12 months.

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Past Cash Flow
scenario planning

See how your finances change with your life.

Life changes all the time. New jobs, moving, promotions, relationships, hobbies, and children are only a few scenarios you may want to plan for. Wouldn’t it be nice to accurately see how that new promotion will impact your finances?